Saturday, May 23, 2009

Gubahan Hantaran 2009 - Duit Mas Kahwin Rose Bouquet

This gubahan Mas Kahwin Rose Bouquet with the
theme colour Lilac & White
using RM 1 and RM 5 note
with pair of cute little teddy bear
is requested by Mieza from Damansara, Selangor
for her wedding in June 2009.

Mieza specifically requested for the same bouquet arrangement
mcm yg the one my customer pernah order
during Valentine's Day arituh...
and this is the last pair of teddy bear yang exactly the same.
ehemm lepas nih if you guys nak order design yg sama
kene guna teddy bear yg lain lah k tapi confirm
we'll find you yg cute2 camtu jugaklah kan...

Luckily my bro in law is now working in Damansara so
bolehlah tolong merealisasikan the delivery...
kalo x mana boleh pos gubahan nih coz cash is considered
as restricted commodities and tak boleh
hantar guna courier service tau...
nasib baik my sis raised up the issue
coz me and Mieza herself x pernah terpikir
alangkah bahayanya nak pos duit...
hihi all this while order customer yg we all post
mmg brg2 jek sumenye hihi...
harap gubahan nih sampai dalam keadaan yg sama masa
take off dari Johor ni...

From Great Ideas
Congratulations to Mieza & Suami
Selamat Pengantin Baru!

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