Monday, May 4, 2009

Gubahan Hantaran 2009 - Opposites Attract

Black and White theme color...I'm only engaged for 4 gubahan
under this Opposites Attract theme...
during this time of economic downturn most customer
opt to do gubahan on their own, only yang complicated
sket i.e. Lipatan , Sireh Junjung & Duit Mas Kahwin
will most definitely being assigned to us...
no worries we do accept for even only one gubahan jugak pon...
but of course the more you order, the price is more negotiable...

This Black & White gubahan is orderded by
Lisa from Saleng, Johor
Congratulations to Lisa on her engagement @ 3rd May 2009
thanks a lot tempah ur gubahan with us!

Gubahan Sejadah @ Praying Mat dilipat macam bentuk rehal.

Gubahan Kain Pelikat @ Sarong as gift wrapper.
The sarong in pink is a bit too bright inside
the black&white theme color that's why I choose
to use it as gift wrapper and cover kan sebahagian besar kain
dgn black&white lace at the bottom and organza ribbon on top
to make it looks more like a gift box.
The blue fabric at the bottom is actually a 4M
cloth untuk baju melayu. Customer dah terlebih dulang
so that's why the kain baju melayu nih dicombinekan
je sekali dgn kain pelikat tuh.

Gubahan Bakul untuk buah @ fruit basket...
haha and as usual the basket is empty because
customer did not send the fruit over for me
to arrange it together with the basket...
for your guys info I am more than willing to
help arrange the fruit together...and indeed at no extra cost
hihi ini supaya my gubahan picture akan nampak lebih siap gitu ;)

Gubahan Sireh Junjung ekonomi @
budget sireh junjung yang simple macam kat atas ni
we only charge @ RM 35 only.
Tapi untuk layak to order for ekonomi Sireh Junjung
a minimum order of 2 other gubahan is required.

Any Enquiry Send to
or drop ur Comment inside Our FanPage
or simply drop your comment under this post with your email address included. Thank You!!!


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