Thursday, July 23, 2009

Gubahan Hantaran 2009 - Blue Ocean

Gubahan hantaran Blue Ocean untuk
Majlis Pertunangan Ekin from Senai, Johor
Congratulations to Ekin on her engagement @ 25th July 2009
Gubahan hantaran using turquiose theme color...
Total of 15 gubahan, mix usage of sangkar, treasure cage
and white carven tray

Hantaran Tuala using sangkar
Hantaran Songkok in treasure cage

Gubahan Kotak Kek x 3 pcs (this is for keep not for rental)

Hantaran Kasut in white carven tray

Hantaran Kuih Bahulu in white carven tray

Kuih Bahulu Ikan Karp ni beso banget!
Amazed terlebey sket sebab x pernah jumpa
bahulu cemni sebelum ni

Hantaran Handphone in cage

Hantaran Kain Pelikat in white carven tray

Hantaran Kain 4 Meter untuk Baju Melayu
in white carven tray

Gubahan Sireh Junjung Ocean Breeze

Hantaran Sejadah in treasure cage

Hantaran Sandal in treasure cage

Hantaran Potpourri in white carven tray

Hantaran Chocolat & Sweets in bird cage

Blue Ocean in business strategy is an analogy to describe
the wider, deeper potential of market space
that is not yet explored .
In blue oceans, competition is irrelevant because
the rules of the game are waiting to be set...
And fyi we are moving into a new shop effective
1st August 2009

Shop Lot 146, TJ MartPindah tak jauh pon dalam the same building...
sebelah jek pon dari port skrg...
it's the limited corner shoplots yang biasanya
mmg susah org kita nak dapatlah kan...

Btw we will also be in IOI Mall Kulai for Bazaar Raya 2009
look out for our sign
at booth lucky 7&7A
my sis punya sign will be
and mine will be

We will be selling
Gubahan Bunga, Balang Kuih Raya Berhias
Baju Melayu, Baju Kurung, Baju Kurung Pahang,
Baju Kanak-kanak, Songkok, Batu Oktant, Beads,
and many more.
Come and visit us there, every purchase will entitle you for a
Lucky Draw + FREE sampul duit raya

Any Enquiry Send to
or drop ur Comment inside Our FanPage
or simply drop your comment under this post with your email address included. Thank You!!!


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