Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Gubahan Hantaran 2009 - Gubahan buah-buahan

Gubahan buah-buahan...haha sebab dah lama tak buat
so I forgot the shorcut on how
to clean the white spots kat anggur...
so terpaksalah polish setiap bijik muahaha bercinta tu
dahlah besar gugusan anggur ni...
And fyi the white carven tray is available For Rental
boleh jugak mix with white bird cage for more variety...

Basikal Tua...unique tak bekas gubahan buah nih
hmm these were actually gubahan
masa pertandingan fruit arrangement arituh
Sepatutnya I add some more humorlah to this gubahan
letak monyet kat pisang tuh instead of merpati ke hihi...
nungkinlah boleh dapat higher ranking kot instead of 3rd place..
Many people wonder how the rambutan hang in there like that...
1st and 2nd place were given to entry yang buat
original basket sendiri from sugar cane...
thumbs up for them...gubahan yg klasik and not
many young people know or appreciate this craft...
a forgotten art but I believe it will make a comeback one day...

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