Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Gubahan Hantaran 2009 - Sireh Junjung Seharum Kasih

Gubahan Hantaran Sireh Junjung Seharum Kasih
yang tersangatlah semerbak wanginya bunga ros + melur
for Aisyah on her wedding day @ 27th September 2009
haha w'pon masih dalam mood raya ada customer order
kene tolong buatkan...w'pon raya gubahan hantaran kene on jugak.
...with great talent comes a great responsibility
(hihi this quote from movie Spiderman and it lingers in my head until now
and I guess I really need that at times yang kekadang
mood ada kurang sket or at times dapat order2 yang very last minute...)

Thanks to Aisyah for the trust and loyalty as this is the second time
she order gubahan from us previously
masa bertunang pon Aisyah order from us too...

Thanks to Aisyah & Selamat Pengantin Baru!

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