Thursday, October 15, 2009

Gubahan Hantaran 2009 - Bekas Gubahan untuk disewa

Other 2 item not included in this post yet
but is available for rent is Birdie Cage
(round and hexagon as in set gubahan Ivory).
In total 11 varieties of bekas gubahan to choose from.

White Treasure Cage Square

White Treasure Cage Rectangle

White Carven English Tray

White Carven Box

English Print Square Box

English Print Love Box

Basikal + Bekas Cincin


2 Tier Plate (untuk Sireh Junjung and fyi we also have 3 tier plate)

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or drop ur Comment inside Our FanPage
or simply drop your comment under this post with your email address included. Thank You!!!


fizanie said...

berapa price dia kalau nak sewa cage tu?

Great Ideas said...

Fizanie sewa cage shj 8 pcs for RM 100, sewa siap gubah ikut ur warna tema RM 25 per pc

aisha said...

ye kew dgn gubahan rm 25 jewk

Lily Norliza said...

Sorry Aisha, ini harga promo 2009. Latest promo price boleh check kat sini k

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