Friday, January 1, 2010

Gubahan Sireh Junjung 2010 - Bunga Pinang, Kapur, Gambir

Bunga Pinang + Kapur +Gambir
Harga: RM 12.50 per stalk
Minimum Order 3 pcs

You can make purchase by payment bank in to Maybank Account

or by credit card through Paypal.
Purchase using Paypal is subject to 1% transaction fees.

Sample usage of Bunga Pinang which totally replace the roses,
and bunga kapur with gambir as the buds
in place of white peacock
in gubahan Sireh Junjung.

Disclaimer: Price is subject to change
without prior notice. Thank you.

Any Enquiry Send to
or drop ur Comment inside Our FanPage
or simply drop your comment under this post with your email address included. Thank You!!!


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