Monday, December 28, 2009

Gubahan Hantaran 2009 - Pink December

Gubahan hantaran Pink December in
pink and gold theme color done for
Sarah's engagement @ 26th Dec 2009
Congratulations to Sarah & Faiz.
from Felda Bukit Ramun, Kulai, Johor

Bekas Cincin & Potpourri


Al-Quran & Sejadah





Sarah return the rental item yesterday (3/1/10) and...
phewww what a relief to know that not only Sarah likes the gubahan
her entire family and relatives adores it too.
Sarah said that one of her cousin who's already married
feels like she wanna get engaged once again so she can
have such a beautiful gubahan too.

Honestly I'm a bit more nervous than usual on this particular
set gubahan Pink December, Gothic Purple and 2 sireh junjung
because Sarah's mom is from the same
kampung (Felda Pasir Raja) with my mom.
haha so not only my name is on the line here...
haha my mom's name too is on the line if I did not do a great job.

Alhamdulillah Sarah is very satisfied with
the gubahan done for her, so I gues it's another job well done
(ahaha sbb I'm my own boss terpaksalah
puji diri sendiri shj xde boss nak puji - hehe or critic me)

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