Friday, December 18, 2009

Tepak Sireh For Rent - NEW

New item available for rental
Tepak Sireh dan Dulang Kayu Berukir

Actually dah lama nak beli tepak sireh tapi
so far yang jumpa adalah yang 4 segi tuh
which is too common. Last week's shopping spree
kat KL terjumpa design tepak sireh bulat nih so terus beli.
Dulang kayu berukir nih is an impulse buy sbb
belom ada set kaler other than white. Availability 11 pcs

So don't wait any longer, grab the chance to become
amongst the first person using these item

by hiring us to be part of your special day.

The first person to use our new tepak sireh
is Sarah next week on 26th Nov 2009.
Very delighted that I can help her save a bomb on pricey,
yet unatractive tepak sireh design.
Here in Johor nih tak byk pilihan on tepak sireh design
yang ada hanyalah design 4 segi yang takde ukiran2 tu...
(so far yang I jumpalah, mungkin ada jugak yang besar
tapi ehem mahal sesangatlah kot)

For this item we requires a refundable security deposit
in equal value to the retail price of the tepak sireh,
and no worries the security deposit will be
fully refunded once you return the item to us.
However for customer who opt for pakej bertunang/nikah
we only requires a very minimum security deposit.
Thank you.

Any Enquiry Send to
or drop ur Comment inside Our FanPage
or simply drop your comment under this post with your email address included. Thank You!!!


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