Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Bekas Gubahan For Rent - White Curvy Tray

New rental item, set White Curvy Tray
In addition to our existing White Carven Tray
yang ramai sgt org suke we add another
16 pcs of dulang kayu putih berukir nih lagi.

But of course as usual new production
mana supplier buat design yang sama kan...
so ukiran kat set baru nih lainlah sket dari yang lama, 
and yang paling obvious bahagian atas dia sedikit wavy
to give a more stunning look to ur gubahan hantaran.

Set nih kite bagi 50-50 yek, kat Johor 8 pcs,
kat KL pon I akan letak 8 pcs kat my fren nnt...

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