Saturday, February 20, 2010

Tie the Knot

This gubahan is part of 8 pcs gubahan Sweet Peach done for Zulhida...the rest of the gubahan we'll update next week k...this entry actually nak share some infos about tie knots...well do you guys know that there's a lot of way utk ikat ur tie...owh I just know this now because previously I nampak sume sama jek rupe...but actually ada mcm2 jenis...ok my fav is the Windsor the one I use in this particular gubahan...Windsor Knot in my eyes adalah yang paling symmetrical...and besar I loike ececeh barulah mantop dlm pics gubahan ni kan...

If you wanna learn on how to tie this 'Windsor' knot...the following video I found on YouTube will be a big help...have fun...tie the knot [kalo english idiom ini maknanya kawen ya]...the video is to be viewed as if you were looking in a mirror...

Other type, Oriental knot - which katanya adalah the simplest knot there is...haha this kinda make Windsor knot yang paling susah ke...haha u decide which one is your style...byk lg jenis2x ikatan...the list goes on e.g. Victorian Knot, Pratt Knot macam2lah lagik...siapalah yg create ikatan yg begitu kreatif ini for me I still can't remember any of the step pon lalala...kene ikut step by step video tuh baru jadik kesian brain x dpt process lilit2 terbelit yg perlu dilakukan uhuks...

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