Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Email and SMS Backlog

School holiday has ended and thus we will try to attend to all the backlog email and sms within this week. We are so sorry for the 'delay telecast'...if u're email, sms, or ym msg still does not receive any feedback from us latest by 28th March you might want to try buzz us again. We will start uploading some of March gubahan update within this week as well...thank you for being patient with us...ur interest with our job is highly appreciated. TQ...
We're currently looking for sales assistant for our physical shop in Senai, Johor...harap2x ada appplicant yang menepati citarasa dtg mintak kije...with reliable worker attending to walk in customer at the shop, I will be able to spend more time to attend to online order/inquiry promptly then [haha kedai pon adalah org kemaskan nnt]...currently I'm a one man show,  now  especially skrg bos besau beezy pasal saham and pekerja my sis yg last berenti masa raya dolu [So basically in theory I'm the manager but in practical I'm the designer, sales assistant, cleaner/tukang sepah jek, lawyer utk gado dgn mgmt, etc buat sumelah sgt multitasking gitew]...naseb baeklah bos kecik takde uang yang nak 'dileburkan' kat bursa saham tuh  haha kalo x mesti dah join sama trading stock jek lalala duduk2x duit masyuk uols dun worry I'm still here to stay for as long as ada org nak tempah for deco gubahan, etc...i can go without sleep utk siapkan kije kalo masa dah limited sgt...cume lepas siap mmg pengsan sehari x hengat ah and that shud answer why I did not pick up early morning call uhuks...bukan x sudi taw tapi rasanyalah kan tgh ganti tido kot masa tuh erkss carik ilham di alam lain ahaks...and sorry x return miss call especially yg fix line nyer no sbb biasanya org yg call dah x ingat pasal apa they all call dah time I'm awake tuh nnt or yg malu sket yg angkat tuh adalah receptionist sbb bkn direct line only to come back dgn statement "takde orang call u lah" adeh malu recommended leave text msg if I did not manage to pick up ur call at that time k...tapi sorry reply biasanya mmg delay telecastlah
tapi bila dah dekat sebulan tak diupdate blog nih, Nuffnang baek hati plak bagi buffered earning bahaha tapi uols x g cekidaud sbb byk link dlm blog nih yg nak dicekidaud dolu kot kan koh3x so the first buffered earning yg dah jadik metered earning hanyalah 0.05 bahaha ada sedikit kesian disitu lagi 'dasat' dari CPC yg plg cket pon 0.25 sen the moment total after 3 mths seploh hengget jek miahaha...whatevalah we'll just see how it goes after a year k...yg paling utama I can use the analytics tools yg diprovide so I can know bape ramai visitor, keyword search etc....feedjit lagi details cume city where u r from tuh kompius nak caya betol ke tak...tgk nih capture satu woho dari Beverly Hills searching for gubahan hantaran...


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