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Gubahan Hantaran Lesson 101 - Choosing the Right Theme Color

OK in choosing ur gubahan hantaran theme color(s) like what I've mention before... if you have a favorite colour u can always set that as ur theme color and whatever color that u choose, it's best to limit them to max 3 colors. And you can pair any color with white...e.g. the all time favorite Red and White combination...

Gubahan Hantaran in Red and White

Wedding and deco ideas in Red and White. Picture taken from here.

From my analysis ramai bride&groom to be, stumble upon this blog (hehe harap2x terus jatuh hati dan terpikat then terus hire us for the job) by searching for the keyword gubahan hantaran warna Peach...

Gubahan Hantaran in Peach, Pink and Red

Deco and hand bouquet ideas in Peach. Picture taken from here.

Other favorite color that I came across in the traffic analysis is ivory/off white/krim (w'pon bunyik berbeza tapi warnanya sama jeklah sebenarnya XD)

Gubahan Hantaran in Ivory and Apple Green

off white + lime green is my favorite color combination! So I'm gonna be a bit bias in suggesting this colorlah hik3x

Beautiful hand bouquet. Picture taken from here.

Fresh Evergreen setting...Picture taken from here

And do take note that ur favorite color shud be the one u're receiving and not the one u're giving to the other party. Hence if for example the girl likes pink and the guy likes purple, the hantaran from the girl shud be in purple and the hantaran from the guy shud be in pink. So sebagai contoh hiasan bunga2 and riben2 untuk hantaran handbag shud be in pink and hiasan untuk hantaran songkok shud be in purple color. Barang2x hantaran pulak memang not necessarily warna yang sama with the theme color chosen but it's best to buy barang2 hantaran yang warnanya does not clash with ur theme color, this is just my personal opinionlah, e.g. I don't think baju turquoise jive with orange deco it's best to decide the deco theme color first before buying the hantaran item and not the other way around k...

For wedding especially bila majlis diadakan dirumah dan hantaran dari pihak lelaki akan berada di bilik pengantin, pemberian hantaran dari pihak lelaki ini seeloknya sedondon atau bersesuaian dengan warna tema majlis perkahwinan dirumah pengantin perempuan tersebut. I'm a bit conservative so I don't recommend the opposite bright color to be in the same room e.g. room=hot pink, hantaran=orange...but if u're the bold and daring type of person yang berani mencuba and it's ur wedding anyway it's not wrong to "experiment" (huhu but pls do it with caution). Dalam color palette bawah nih macam tak dasat sangat jugak combination hot pink + tangerine orange nih...

Picture taken from here.

kalo nak bagi gothic impact sket bleh pair ur chosen color with black...remember there are no rules when it comes to color, go with what makes you feel the best!

Gubahan Hantaran in Orange  - Black

Color Palette Pink - Black with a hint of Gray. Picture taken from here.

Color Palette Apple Green - Black and White. Picture taken from here.

Color Palette Lemon Yellow- Black and White. Picture taken from here.

The color trend this year is pastel which is closely associated with English theme. If u're talking about English theme, White is kind of a must...white is a traditional color for wedding as it stood for purity, faith, truth and sincerity. Other color related to English theme is Purple (the royal color of Great Britain), Violet, Lavender, Lilac, subtle Pink / Peach and Tiffany Blue.

Dusty Violet and Rosie Pink. Picture taken from here.

OK now if u don't have any fav color dan rasa tak unique kalo setakat follow the trend u can try playing around with the color wheel. Untuk guna wheel color nih buleh guna 4 cara (excerpt below is from Martha Stewart Wedding and Kryolan):

1. Monochromatic means one color. This scheme is easiest to understand and the simplest to work with. It consists of one color and its different values. Use different shades of a single color, varying the hue in intensity for e.g. from ballerina pink to scarlet. Use many shades of the same color to avoid a monotonous look.

2.Analagous: You choose a color and the two colors adjacent to it on either side. When using the color wheel, remember that a gentler effect is created by combining colors that lies side by side each other, such as green and blue, or yellow, peach, and orange. Neighboring colors, such as orange, peach, and yellow, mix without clashing. Combining dark and pale shades produces a richer effect.

3. Complementary scheme uses two colors directly across from each other on the color wheel, such as, green and red. This scheme creates a contrast that can be vibrant and exciting or soothing and relaxing depending on what value of the colors you use. With this scheme it works best to allow one color to be the dominant so that the two colors don’t compete with each other. Reds and greens are opposite colors, and like most opposites, at their brightest, they look more bold than beautiful together. However when both shades are muted e.g. mauve and citrus green, the effect is subtle and sophisticated.

4.Triad, this scheme uses a combination of any three colors that are an equal distance from each other on the color wheel. It can be a lively environment so it’s best to let one color dominate and to use toned down versions of the other two colors. The toned downed 2 colors don't have to be the same distance from each other, just the same distance from the first color.

Hope the infos provided in here can help you in choosing the right color not only for ur gubahan hantaran theme but the whole wedding or engagement deco setting and later as color guidelines in painting ur new home too!

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