Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Gubahan Hantaran Lesson 101 - How High your Sireh Junjung Need to be???

Sireh Junjung is a beautiful arrangement of betel leaves and flower(s) complete with "ingredients" to eat the betel with i.e. Kapur, Gambir, Tembakau and Bunga Cengkih. Even in our modern days now, Gubahan Hantaran Sireh Junjung is still a must item inside any set of gubahan hantaran. It is considered as the "head" of the gubahan hantaran set. So it is very important for the Sireh Junjung to be beautiful, pleasing to the eye. 

However the design nowadays have evolve so Sireh Junjung does not need to be that sky high anymore.

haha this definitely cannot fit inside a car...and if it's this sky high you'll need to carry the Sireh Junjung on top of your head like the pics below!!!

Very menjunjung adat indeed!!! Pictures taken from here.

A modern Sireh Junjung design emphasis more on the flower arrangement rather than the betel leaves so it looks more like a flower bouquet rather than the traditional "high rise" Sireh Junjung design.

However if your engagement or wedding is held around community that strongly adheres to adat tradisi warisan melayu, a modern design sireh junjung may not be highly regarded/appreciated and thus deem unsuitable, hence it is recommended to opt for the conventional upward "high rise" design. But no worries it doesn't need to be as sky high like the one in the old days XD

And eventhough the deco for gubahan hantaran from the bride side should look more beautiful and more attractive as compared to hantaran from the groom side, but according to tradition Sireh Junjung from the groom side must be higher than Sireh Junjung from the bride side. So in conclusion whatever design or height that you choose, sireh junjung given by the groom must always be higher than the sireh junjung received from the bride. Hope this infos can help you with selecting the design/height of your Sireh Junjung which importantly serves as the head of your gubahan hantaran set. Some of you might wonder what is the role of Tepak Sireh then if the Sireh Junjung is already considered as the head of your gubahan hantaran set. OK this article on Tepak Sireh, we will need to do our research first (takut woh kalo nanti terbagi salah info) and that will be our next gubahan hantaran lesson 101 tips. 

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