Monday, May 3, 2010

Flowers is Blooming - It's Springtime

haish grammatical error in the title...only realize it after posting the entry...Supposedly: Flowers ARE Blooming...can't change it anymore now once posted already uhuks, or it will become bad link in the blog for the Flowers IS Blooming entry...please forgive my broken English (^_~) ...(the rest of the entry as usual is very the rojak haha...) btw here goes the entry...

Beautiful flower in peach pink...It's Springtime in Europe now, and eventhough here in Malaysia we don't have Spring in our calendar tapi kita pown boleh berbunga-bunga jugak ^_^ 

Trend Terkini!!! Swiss Cotton with English Flower Motif

Comfortably Stylish untuk dipakai semasa pergi ke majlis kenduri or simply just for daily use. Also best for Mother's Day Gift next Sunday 9th May 2010. (Size which is no longer available is already sold at the shop or through Facebook...soooo terhangat di pasaran!!!) Buy Yours Now to avoid dissappoinment!!!

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Credit for the picture of beautiful flower in spring to my fren Shahbe who is the photographer of the picture and she's currently in Bristol, UK doing her PhD (ai malas ngaji Master pown takde hahaha berangan nak buat master in Fashion and Design ah tapi takde sponsor hik3x + takde talent uhuks...hmmm option laen Wedding Photography pown menariks jugak kan lalala jek macam Saiful Nang @ SN senior from MMU, travel around the world taking beautiful master in IT memang tak teringin langsung ah bahaha) bestnyer kalo Malaysia pon ada Spring kan, bunga berkembang cantik di mana-mana (",) buleh amek gambau cantek bebanyak...

ini macam castle dalam epic movie like Robin Hood (new upcoming movie mid May 2010)

Coming Soon I'll share picture of Spring in PAris plak (kih3x my BIL was stranded there for 1 week arituh so amik banyak gambo, if me surely can only come back to Malaysia after Summer...coz need to "illegally" do summer job first to earn the money to come back home to Malaysia hahaha sebab dah kering coz terlebih quota seminggu) Paris is a very beautiful place, awesome for honeymoon or just any vacation (haha but be prepared to spend a lot of money ah...designer item is cheaper there as compared to Malaysia)

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