Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Gubahan Hantaran 2010 - Turquoise Blast

Gubahan Hantaran Turquoise Blast in greenish blue/turquoise and white theme color done for Dila for her engagement. Selamat Bertunang!

All the bekas hantaran item is prepared by Dila's sis, Kak Zana and even the hantaran pown dah susun nicely inside the boxes, so our job is just to deco the box and the fruit basket...Thanks for being so helpful. Simple gubahan inside boxes like this senang nak di bawa travel. Turquoise is amongst rare color for artificial flower...if you are choosing this color as ur theme and u are using artificial flower it is advisable to make early preparation because it is hard to find flower with this color. Untuk fresh flower in turquoise, the price is more expensive than flower in original color because the florist needs to dye the white flower with blue "ink"...please note that a few days is needed for the flower to "drink up" the dye and become blue ;D so u cannot order today and pick up  the blue flower the next day, the flower might not finish it's blue drink yet by then XD

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