Friday, June 18, 2010

Gubahan Hantaran Lesson 101 - Choosing Good Quality Glue Sticks

My glue gun "works" extra hard when I'm preparing the Bunga Pinang...the challenge owh well every petals =D very good brain exercise coz it's like working on a 3D jigsaw puzzle XD. Just recently done with 100 pcs Bunga Pinang ordered by Puan Shima from Skudai [for Bunga Pinang Price List please kindly refer HERE]. Thanks puan for the order eventhough we both don't know what's ur aunt gonna use this bunga pinang for =)

And while preparing this order an idea came and I think it's important for me to share info regarding on how to choose a good quality glue sticks coz a less in quality will cost you your precious time and your glue gun too (coz erksss it might explode =)

OK without further ado of unnecessary rumbling (owh well...I've not been writing for quite sometime now...hmmm it is quite difficult to stay focus and write something informative (even merapu pown terasa susah jugak sebenonya =) and too many times tido lambat menyebabkan my thinking jadik ting tong sket XD, we're gonna provide some infos about one important material which is use to bond your arts and craft deco together, which is none other than...the glue's the "bullet" that you melt using your glue gun. There's a lot of glue stick types and a glance all of them may look all just the same...but as in example below if you look carefully [hope my camera macro snapshop able to capture the difference for you...or it might be time oredi to get a new one kih3x alasan tak bleh blah uhuks or I should try to win a new Sony camera instead ^^ so I can capture better pics and not only on land but even underwater too XD]

As I hope you can see the glue stick labelled as B is more transparent than glue stick labelled as A. And from my experience, glue stick B is of better quality. I once buy a very "milky" colored glue sticks from other retail shop because I've run out of stock in my own shop...unfortunately eventhough it's very cheap apart from it takes longer time to melt and longer time to "froze" clogged my glue gun too T_T...huarghh it really drives me crazy back then, have to pull the trigger gun harder to get the glue out. So basically a good quality glue sticks is easy to melt but not to the point of dripping, and it only takes second to bond your craft thingy. And most importantly it doesn't clogged the nozzle of your glue stick. We have the good quality glue stick in store and it's for sale for only RM 22 for 500g.

In the case of glue gun if uols wanna buy one I highly suggest opt for the one which have the on and  off button so you can control the heat of the gun easily. We also have this glue gun in store and it's for sale for only RM 15.90 per pc. Do not turn on the glue gun for too long coz ermmm it might kidding I've blew up a few already in a number of occasion when I forgot to switch it off and went away to do other things =( see arts and craft can be dangerous too if you don't take necessary precaution =) and hurmmm when I'm trauma (coz can't get the picture of the "explosion" out of my head) with the glue gun I sometimes use UHU glue...and when I have too ...I will go for the gel type coz it dry faster...but definitely not as fast as in the case of glue gun+glue stick (^_^) 

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bungacahaya said...'s a good advice pasal glue gun. no wonder kalau guna yg milky tuabes muncung gun tu berketul2 tersumbat.


Lily Norliza 코나인 said...

bungacahaya, tulah kalo glue stick yang low quality tu biasanya mmg akan menyumbatkan muncung glue gun, glad that my tips here can be a bit of help for u =)...hehe there's another "secret" kedai gubahan by default biasanya akan jual the milky glue stick unless u insist on the good quality glue sticks that they're using for their craft job ;D

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