Sunday, June 13, 2010

Kad Jemputan - Pocket Series Wedding Invitation

We also have wedding card invitation printing service. Below is some samples on Pocket Series Wedding Invitation Card for you to choose from. Each design have more than one color selection. Please VISIT THIS PAGE for the whole list of available color(s). All other available design apart from the Pocket Series inside our card album will be uploaded to this blog page from time to time. 

I'll try to upload as much photo as I can in between of world cup matches XD to keep me awake (^_^) and auto publish the next day =)...[haha walaupon from the outside look very pinky girlie flowery haha tapi dalam hati ada padang bola jugak taw wakaka...kita kenalah mengikut perkembangan semasa kan kih3x] OK I guess by the end of the 31 days fever I will be able to upload all the invitation cards picture and also done with our new Online Boutique blog [I will provide that link later bila dah officially launch k] created specifically for busana muslimah/ladies apparel (almaklumlah bulan puasa dah dekat kan =) and also on balang kuih raya berhias/dainty out for that one...very soon k (^_~). Thank you...Kamsahamnida! Btw just to inform uols for private message on Facebook answering to ur inquiries, you will be receiving from my personal account > and the username will appear as Lily Norliza 코나인 ...hehe uols don't panic that's from me and it's not Chinese character k...that's Korean Hangul transliteration for my dad's name erm but without R coz it's transform as L so better left that out jek terus [now I'm still confuse father's day doesn't it suppose to be on the 2nd Sunday of June...erksss but kat shopping complex kata next week pulok...nampaknya ai lah yang salah paham kut] own name lagilah tak jadik coz apparently they don't have hangul for Y and Z [I'm such a pathetic avid fan of korean drama kan haha nama pon mengada nak letak korean hangul tapi padan dgn muka tak dapek buat kah3x sbb apparently I'm not korean hahaha eh my dad pon bukan jugak tapi mata dia ada sepet sket jek kih3x hmmm cerita tidak berkaitan...owh yes Korea won their first World Cup match last nite!...ermmm I'm not supporting any team in particular actually...I just support any team who wins hahaha sorrylah sungguh tiada pendirian XD sekadar mengisi masa yang tak berapa nak lapang pown =) England vs US memang sungguh mencelikkan mata w'pon pagi buta haha too bad it's a draw =( kesian goalie England mesti dia rasa nak terjun bangunan uhuks pastuh kamera plak highlight muka Beckham sungguh bengang hahaha) 

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