Thursday, July 8, 2010

Gubahan Hantaran 2010 - Sireh Junjung Royal Blue Peacock

Gubahan Hantaran Sireh Junjung Royal Blue Peacock
which is part of other hantaran in blue and white theme color
done for Atikah from Senai, Johor.

(^_~) something different this beautiful peacock feather =)

with the peacock feather *tiba2x feeling Shakira's song...waka's time for Africa XD) muahaha...but the buzzing vuvuzela during every worldcup match is giving me the headache...haha sounds like a swamp of killer bees...

hurmmm German doesn't make it to the worldcup final =( eventhough with blue shorts Spain still win last nite's game hehe I guess the red shirt outshine the bad blue aura XD and Paul the Octopus survive another day takdelah jadik sotong bakar ke sotong goreng tepung ke XDDD (ke dah kena makan pon sebab sotong nih kan kat German muahaha) its prediction is correct again (isk2x menakutkan ada jin ke apa kat sotong nih) hehe as lalang as I'm always am Spain menang pon ai ok jek (^_~) diorang memang terer pon =) furthermore German doesn't look their best last nite...they look seems like they're playing with one player might be different if Muller play last nite kot uhuks...okay for the final I'm in for Spain coz Oranje maen ganas uhuks (o.O)...furthermore Spain player is more good looking anyway (^_~) good football does in a way come hand in hand with good looks too XDDD...time worldcup tak rajin mengupdate blog nih jugak nampaknya w'pon tak tido XD...I'm officially a walking zombie today (o.O)

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