Sunday, July 11, 2010

Gubahan Hantaran Lesson 101 - Gubahan Duit Mas Kahwin | Close Up Shots

OK a few months back I've posted an entry on how to do Gubahan Duit Mas Kahwin. And that was like my first video lesson ever =) and thus may not be that detail enough. There's a request from some of the viewer here for me to revisit the "crumpling" part because they were not able to get that part done right. First of all for this part you must not be afraid that you might tear the bank note etc coz with the right way it won't. So, I came up with a close up video to help uols see in detail on how the "crucial" part of the Gubahan Bunga Duit Mas Kahwin is done. For the entire gubahan step visit my previous post HERE.

Starting October 2012 we also have a complete step by step guide for gubahan hantaran duit maskahwin in higher screen resolution with camera from doers angle for clearer view which is part of our DVD Gubahan Hantaran Volume 2 (sorry we're not able to give anymore free video because people are kind of skeptical when things are given for free...). The DVD is for sale @RM 20 per pc. We already have 2 volume:
1. Volume 1 contains 3 gubahan sireh junjung design + 3 video aid on how to roll/tie daun sireh
2. Volume 2 contains 1 gubahan bunga duit (handbouquet rose) + 1 gubahan telekung (bunga rafflesia) + 1 gubahan balang + 2 video aid on how to tie single and double bow ribbon
#Buy both Volume 1&2 only @RM 30 with free delivery charge within Semenanjung Malaysia. If postage to Sabah/Sarawak @RM 10, to Singapore @RM 30.

If you are not confident enough to do it on your own and you can collect your order from us in Shah Alam fyi we do accept order to help do the gubahan duit mas kahwin for you. Price is RM 60 for 20 pcs of bank note and below (irregardless of value), and RM 3 per pc for the next additional pieces of bank note (21 pcs onwards irregardless of value). Below are some sample of our previous work on gubahan duit maskahwin (rose).

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