Saturday, July 24, 2010

Eraser Carving and Map to Our Shop

Our new business stamp, big and bold (^_~) haha my standard size stamp pad is not big enough for the stamp, I need to buy tear drop ink at craft shop in my next visit to KL later for this stamp (I'll be in KL tentatively on the 2nd week of hari raya, you can contact me to set for an appointment if you want to meet me while I'm there k). I order this stamp from my former boss in TM, you can visit her blog if you're interested to order one. The design can be customize accordingly to suit any purpose. Now you can have your own love trademark that you can stamp on your wedding invitation card or thank you tag that will surely stamp a mark on your guest heart ^O^

OK as uols notice there's no address on the stamp, I think that will be too much challenge for my boss to carve that as well hehe even the business registration details  is already hard enough =) tqvm for such a great art (ok masih jakun lagi my former boss boleh buat craft begini hehe dalam hati ada taman juga hihi org nama Norliza memang kreatif kan wakaka a 4D joke here that's why uols can actually skip/ignore sentences with strikethrough in this blog eheh it can be quite "nauseatic" at times muahaha...and yes I have the same name with my former boss =) 

OK I notice that there seems to be a lot of confusion regarding our shop location. Actually our location is in Johor but we do provide delivery to KL if required. You can actually find our business address on the right column (under profile) which is Lot 146, TJ Mart (our shop is inside this building), Bt 17 1/2 Jalan Kulai - Senai. (Btw at the moment my Celcom no 013-397 8119 is not active, please contact me at my 016 - 711 8326 Digi no k. TQ)

But considering the fact that 1000 fan of fanpage is from KL and Shah Alam alone (uhuks Johorian you guys will at least need to beat 30 to be visible in the stats so that I have a "logical" reason to stay here) I'm having thoughts about giving free delivery (or maybe move back for good) in October, November and December for KL and Selangor customer's order...keep supporting us k I might really do it (hehe you can start showing ur support openly with checking out our "sponsor" link under interesting promo kat clomun kanan atas tu k sometimes at the header also got muahaha I will know through CTR % hiks3x...hmmm still currently waiting for my first Nuffnang cheque \O/ hihi can cover 2 way KL - Johor trip jugaklah lalala)

And fyi the signboard at our shop is still using the old blog address (Lilys Great Ideas) before I change it to custom domain (kiam kan so tuh yang tak tukar signboard baru haha) ok since my map drawing skill is so out XD if you need driving direction I can email you the direction using google map. The landmark available on the google map is only Masjid Saleng, so the direction will take you to the mosque only, you will need to drive slightly further until you see the TJ Food Court. 

Direction from Johor/Skudai

Direction from Lebuhraya Utara-Selatan (Kulai/Kota Tinggi  Exit)

These few days feel quite gloomy hmmm it could be because of the cloudy day, slow internet connection and stress out because still haven't got assistant for the shop huwargghhh...need to cheer up myself now and I found this cute Tickle Elmo video on youtube with Kim Hyun Joong (SS501) saying the cute Elmo crazy XDDD... laughter is contagious so I have a good laugh too while watching this "crazy" Elmo =) need to buy one for myself lah so I can play with this furry red fella when I'm bored at the shop hahaha but not surelah whether got Tickle Elmo here in Malaysia or not XD...OK that's all for now have a great weekend everyone ^^

hahaha ini baru namanya gelak guling10x roflmao (*^_^*)

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