Sunday, August 29, 2010

Balang Kuih Raya Berhias 2010 | English Print Design - Peach Coral

Balang Kuih Raya Berhias 2010 Peach Coral with Rose Floral Motif
BK007 - Peach Coral

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Anonymous said...

berape harga balang ni...
masih available ker?
balang ni kaca or plastik

Lily Norliza said...

ready stock dah no longer available.
If nak this design boleh pre order tapi cuma akan dpt selepas hari raya. TQ.

Lily Norliza said...

balang as in pics adalah balang plastik, tapi boleh juga if nak order the same design tapi guna balang kaca instead. TQ.

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