Sunday, August 29, 2010

Balang Kuih Raya Berhias 2010 | English Print Design - Lace and Ruffles

Balang Kuih Raya Berhias 2010 Lace & Ruffles with Lavender Rose Floral Motif
BK006 - Lace & Ruffles


Honestly this is not really my style...but if you are talking about English deco concept hmmm lace and the dangling tassel is kinda a must =) haha my other design I simplified them to look more modern without the ruffled lace or tassel...So if lurve Lace, Ruffles and Tassel you should grab this one coz I'm gonna only put up this one and only set for sale =) erks most likely there's not gonna be a "photostat" copy of this design coz haha lace & ruffles thingy is not my virtue =)

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