Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Gubahan Hantaran Fresh Flower 2010 - Lime Green [Fresh Flower Green and Creamy Ivory theme color]

Gubahan Hantaran Lime Green using fresh flower in
green and cream theme color done for
Zuliyati for her brother's engagement
on 3rd July 2010 @ Muar, Johor.
Thank you to Zuliyati, and congrats to her brother.

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I took especially longer time than my already usual kelembapan ^^ to edit and upload this set gubahan hantaran pics inside the's kinda chaotic sket that day could not remember where I put my camera's battery charger and after the photoshoot of set gubahan Aqua Blue the battery runs out already hence need to take picture with my "primitive" handphone...using handphone the pic brigthness too high (I forgot that I can actually change the phone setting to capture with less brigthness and contrast uhuks) especially for close up snapshot so need to do a bit of photo editing or else uols will only see white blurry images only (erkkss eventhough after editing pics still very bright too uhuks my edititing skill so rusty dunno what else to tweak already) hmmm the pixel so kesian gambar sungguh tak sharp yang ini mmg tak boleh nak edit cemane lagi dah=( remedy must get a new handphone jeklah kut haha ^O^ and guess what that also means good news for uols too who's trying to contact me on the 013-397 8119 no, I must pick up call/reply text message on that no too...ahaks for faster ROI =) currently I only got one handphone since big boss dah amik balik telephone pinjaman muahaha and I'm so malas nak tukar2x the sim card =) So uols at the moment for order or inquiry just contact me on the 016 - 711 8326 no k, selalu agak blur if talking on the phone =p thus preferrably contact me by sms ya so I can keep track of my quoted price, etc. TQ (^_~)

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