Friday, November 19, 2010

Gubahan Hantaran 2010 - Pink Butterfly [Peach and Pink theme color]

Gubahan Hantaran Pink Butterfly in pink and peach theme color
done for Naza & Aiza engagement.
Congratulation and thank you very much.

Gubahan Hantaran Bekas Cincin

Gubahan Hantaran Handbag

Gubahan Hantaran Kain Lace

Gubahan Hantaran Perfume

Gubahan Hantaran Chocolate & bekas buah-buahan

Gubahan Hantaran Kasut

Gubahan Hantaran Cupcake

Gubahan Hantaran Telekung, Sejadah dan Al-Quran

Sorry for the late update on the pics tersangatlah busy nya beberapa minggu ni on top of piling gubahan to do I no longer have assistant to "jaga" the kedai and in between of my hectic schedule sebab tak cukup tido ditambah pulak with the monsoon season my lung beku sudah o.O and I definitely "manage" to catch a flu and my head ting tong sungguh sekarang ni. So to all dear customer please kindly understand if I can't attend to ur inquiry promptly please be patient k I will try to revert to all inquiry by this weekend once I can force my head to think straight back. Don't give up on me k (ok macam jiwang pulak...kalo selsema mmg nenong sket) I can still accept order for December 2010 (other than 23, 24 and 25th Dec 2010 - order already closed for these date). Order for January 2011 onwards is welcome with open arms =) Thank you very much.

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