Monday, November 1, 2010

Gubahan Hantaran 2010 - Sireh Junjung Rosie Pink

Gubahan Hantaran Sireh Junjung Rosie Pink for
Naza's engagement on 2nd October 2010
which is part of his other hantaran in pink theme color.

This design needs a lot of betel leaves...comprises of more than 100 pcs daun sireh =) (kena plak time ni daun sireh shortage of supply kena catu from 3 sireh shop to come up with this one) glad that Naza like the design very much 8D

Tqvm nanti untuk wedding boleh je if nak tempah with me lagi k walaupon next year I will no longer sepanjang masa reside in Johor  ^_^ because this is my hometown I need to come back once in a while hehe especially if the travelling charges is covered I'm more than happy untuk balik kampung selalu XD but for most of the time I have to be where my service is needed the most =)

Eventhough I'm in Johor now but confirmed order for KL & Selangor for February to June next year is more than order received from Johor, thank you so much uols yang dah confirm order really ease my worries whether my perpindahan semula ke KL is necessary *^_^* I will update my new address insyaallah by mid or end Jan 2011 k (owh Ritze Perdana II such a nice place to stay sebab boleh jalan kaki je pegi Ikea but if duduk situ surely gonna cause a big hole in my pocket ahaks)

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