Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Gubahan Hantaran 2010 - Fuschia Fantasy [Hot Pink and White theme color]

Gubahan Hantaran Fuschia Fantasy in hot pink and white theme color
done for Nisa's solemnisation in May 2010.

Gubahan from the groom for the bride is in hot pink @ fuschia theme color
using White Treasure Cage [Code: GB004 - Rectangle and GB009 - Square]
Gubahan Hantaran Bekas Cincin dan Cek Hantaran

Gubahan Hantaran Baju Kebaya

Gubahan Hantaran Telekung, Al-Quran dan Sejadah

Gubahan Hantaran Handbag

Gubahan Hantaran Bekas Buah-Buahan

Gubahan Hantaran Set Perfume

Congrats to the lovely bride and groom, Nisa & Fisol.
Thank you very much and so glad that you like our design very much (^_~) 
Selamat Pengantin Baru!!

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Baju Kurung Moden - Calla Lily Floral Motifs

Baju Kurung Moden with Beautiful Calla Lily Floral Motifs. Available in 3 colors Energising Orange, Daring Red and Turquoise Blast. [ VIEW ALL our OTHER Baju Kurung Collection HERE ]

Price RM 145, FREE Delivery!!!
(market retail price up to RM 189)
Fabric: Chiffon with Lining

Status - SOLD | Size 40

Status - Available | Size 44

Status - SOLD | Size 38

Status - SOLD | Size 40

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Friday, June 18, 2010

Gubahan Hantaran Lesson 101 - Choosing Good Quality Glue Sticks

My glue gun "works" extra hard when I'm preparing the Bunga Pinang...the challenge owh well every petals =D very good brain exercise coz it's like working on a 3D jigsaw puzzle XD. Just recently done with 100 pcs Bunga Pinang ordered by Puan Shima from Skudai [for Bunga Pinang Price List please kindly refer HERE]. Thanks puan for the order eventhough we both don't know what's ur aunt gonna use this bunga pinang for =)

And while preparing this order an idea came and I think it's important for me to share info regarding on how to choose a good quality glue sticks coz a less in quality will cost you your precious time and your glue gun too (coz erksss it might explode =)

OK without further ado of unnecessary rumbling (owh well...I've not been writing for quite sometime now...hmmm it is quite difficult to stay focus and write something informative (even merapu pown terasa susah jugak sebenonya =) and too many times tido lambat menyebabkan my thinking jadik ting tong sket XD, we're gonna provide some infos about one important material which is use to bond your arts and craft deco together, which is none other than...the glue's the "bullet" that you melt using your glue gun. There's a lot of glue stick types and a glance all of them may look all just the same...but as in example below if you look carefully [hope my camera macro snapshop able to capture the difference for you...or it might be time oredi to get a new one kih3x alasan tak bleh blah uhuks or I should try to win a new Sony camera instead ^^ so I can capture better pics and not only on land but even underwater too XD]

As I hope you can see the glue stick labelled as B is more transparent than glue stick labelled as A. And from my experience, glue stick B is of better quality. I once buy a very "milky" colored glue sticks from other retail shop because I've run out of stock in my own shop...unfortunately eventhough it's very cheap apart from it takes longer time to melt and longer time to "froze" clogged my glue gun too T_T...huarghh it really drives me crazy back then, have to pull the trigger gun harder to get the glue out. So basically a good quality glue sticks is easy to melt but not to the point of dripping, and it only takes second to bond your craft thingy. And most importantly it doesn't clogged the nozzle of your glue stick. We have the good quality glue stick in store and it's for sale for only RM 22 for 500g.

In the case of glue gun if uols wanna buy one I highly suggest opt for the one which have the on and  off button so you can control the heat of the gun easily. We also have this glue gun in store and it's for sale for only RM 15.90 per pc. Do not turn on the glue gun for too long coz ermmm it might kidding I've blew up a few already in a number of occasion when I forgot to switch it off and went away to do other things =( see arts and craft can be dangerous too if you don't take necessary precaution =) and hurmmm when I'm trauma (coz can't get the picture of the "explosion" out of my head) with the glue gun I sometimes use UHU glue...and when I have too ...I will go for the gel type coz it dry faster...but definitely not as fast as in the case of glue gun+glue stick (^_^) 

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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Kad Jemputan - Pocket Series Wedding Invitation

We also have wedding card invitation printing service. Below is some samples on Pocket Series Wedding Invitation Card for you to choose from. Each design have more than one color selection. Please VISIT THIS PAGE for the whole list of available color(s). All other available design apart from the Pocket Series inside our card album will be uploaded to this blog page from time to time. 

I'll try to upload as much photo as I can in between of world cup matches XD to keep me awake (^_^) and auto publish the next day =)...[haha walaupon from the outside look very pinky girlie flowery haha tapi dalam hati ada padang bola jugak taw wakaka...kita kenalah mengikut perkembangan semasa kan kih3x] OK I guess by the end of the 31 days fever I will be able to upload all the invitation cards picture and also done with our new Online Boutique blog [I will provide that link later bila dah officially launch k] created specifically for busana muslimah/ladies apparel (almaklumlah bulan puasa dah dekat kan =) and also on balang kuih raya berhias/dainty out for that one...very soon k (^_~). Thank you...Kamsahamnida! Btw just to inform uols for private message on Facebook answering to ur inquiries, you will be receiving from my personal account > and the username will appear as Lily Norliza 코나인 ...hehe uols don't panic that's from me and it's not Chinese character k...that's Korean Hangul transliteration for my dad's name erm but without R coz it's transform as L so better left that out jek terus [now I'm still confuse father's day doesn't it suppose to be on the 2nd Sunday of June...erksss but kat shopping complex kata next week pulok...nampaknya ai lah yang salah paham kut] own name lagilah tak jadik coz apparently they don't have hangul for Y and Z [I'm such a pathetic avid fan of korean drama kan haha nama pon mengada nak letak korean hangul tapi padan dgn muka tak dapek buat kah3x sbb apparently I'm not korean hahaha eh my dad pon bukan jugak tapi mata dia ada sepet sket jek kih3x hmmm cerita tidak berkaitan...owh yes Korea won their first World Cup match last nite!...ermmm I'm not supporting any team in particular actually...I just support any team who wins hahaha sorrylah sungguh tiada pendirian XD sekadar mengisi masa yang tak berapa nak lapang pown =) England vs US memang sungguh mencelikkan mata w'pon pagi buta haha too bad it's a draw =( kesian goalie England mesti dia rasa nak terjun bangunan uhuks pastuh kamera plak highlight muka Beckham sungguh bengang hahaha) 

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Friday, June 11, 2010

Gubahan Hantaran 2010 - Glittery Purple (Purple and Silver theme color)

Gubahan Hantaran Glittery Purple in purple and silver theme color
done for Nisa's solemnisation @ Titiwangsa, KL on 28th May 2010.
Congrats to Nisa & Fisol. Selamat Pengantin Baru!!!

Gubahan from the bride for the groom is in purple & silver theme color
using English White Carven Tray [Code: GB002]

Gubahan Hantaran Bekas Cincin

Gubahan Hantaran Belt & Wallet

Bekas Gubahan Buah-buahan

Gubahan Hantaran Sejadah, Baju Melayu dan Kopiah

Gubahan Hantaran Kamera

Bekas Gubahan Chocolate

Gubahan Hantaran Kemeja

Gubahan Hantaran Perfume

This tray is currently in KL and will be available for rent from 29th June 2010 onwards (without any additional delivery charges). Please kindly contact us if you are interested to rent the White Carven English Tray [GB002]. Since my fren rep tak bergaji kih3x in KL tersangat beezy orangnya you guys will need to  liase and confirm the deal with me first. Only once you have confirm your order I will give my fren's contact no and location to collect the item from. Thank you =)

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