Friday, April 15, 2011

Coklat Hantaran - Lovely Rose Chocolate Box

Exquisite handmade chocolate that taste as good as it looks

Beautifully shaped Lovely Rose Chocolate Box + 9 pcs praline chocolate in apple design or, 10 pcs praline chocolate in rose design* + 1 pc lovely chocolate at the center @ RM 50. Once you've finish the content you can eat the entire box as well =) seriously no kidding everything is really edible!!!

* you can have the rose in one solid color

* or, you can have the rose in two tone color

For gift box with ribbon in your theme color just add RM 10

You can also order the chocolate box using white chocolate... (^_^) it's fairer and more appealing but caution ahead =) it's sweeter as compared to milk and dark chocolate

By default (foc) we will place the chocolate inside a love shape box as the one in the center of the arrangement above.

For more chocolate we also offers: 1 chocolate box with lovely rose carving in your theme color on top + 10 pcs chocolate inside the box + 20 pcs praline chocolate surrounding the chocolate box @ RM 70 for solid color, RM 90 for metallic color

Price is the same for white chocolate box as well

We can also arrange chocolate box inside edible bouquet RM 180

We can also do rosy chocolate bouquet base on customer's request

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