Thursday, May 12, 2011

Gubahan Hantaran Fresh Flower 2011 - Vibrant Touch [green and yellow theme color]

Gubahan Hantaran Vibrant Touch
in green and yellow theme color
done for Puan Farida from Mapplewoods at Saujana, Selangor
and this is for her son's engagement in April 2011.
Thank you very much for the order.

Gubahan Hantaran Buah-buahan

Gubahan Hantaran Bekas Cincin

Gubahan Hantaran Chocolate

Gubahan Hantaran Tepak Sireh

(ok sharpness and color tone gambar ni mcm lain from others sbb bateri dah abes time ni...dapat capture guna phone je...gubahan fresh flower selalu ada problem kehabisan bateri kan...dan x sempatlah nak charge sbb dah nak kena pegi hantar =) itu pon dah ends up lambat 15 mins...really sorry for being late during every meet up...I did not consider traffic condition into my travelling time)

Gubahan Hantaran Kain & Perfume

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