Friday, July 8, 2011

Gubahan Hantaran Fresh Flower - How long can it stays fresh???

We've received a lot of inquiry on how long gubahan fresh flower can last, ok in order to answer that question we've captured sample pictures during our 3 days wedding exhibition last weekend for uols to see the proof for urself the unedited picture with date info (details about kamera tak canggih pon ada sekali terpapar kat kanan tu huhu) Btw for everyone's info we are not participating in any wedding exhibition this week ya (pengsan kalo every week join exhibition abes sume keje x jalan nnt =)

This is captured on the second day, usually this is the condition of your gubahan if you collect them from us or we deliver it to you a day before your engagement or wedding day.

 This is the condition of flower on the third day...still going strong =)

This is on the fourth day ada yang layu sket almaklumlah terdedah pada suhu "sejuk" macam oven kat Stadium Melawati Shah Alam last at your house room temperature the flower will usually be in better condition than this.

This is actually on the fourth day jugak hehe tapi some adjustment telah dibuat =) if uols sangat observant boleh notice apa yang "berkurang" (#Hint: Bunga rose di bahagian depan sekali) tips here if bunga rose ada yang layu sket uols can always buang sket the outer petals tu k (^_~) masih byk petals di bahagian dalam yang biasanya masih dapat bertahan kesegarannya 8D

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