Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Gubahan Hantaran 2011 - Silver Star [black and silver theme color]

Gubahan Hantaran Silver Star in black and silver theme color
done for Nadia's wedding in June 2011 @ Damansara

Gubahan Hantaran Kasut

Gubahan Hantaran Belt & Wallet

Gubahan Hantaran Coklat Ferrero Rocher (bentuk gugusan anggur)

Gubahan Hantaran Perfume

Gubahan Hantaran Al-Quran

Gubahan Hantaran Sejadah

Gubahan Hantaran T-Shirt

Thank you very much for the order and really sorry for the late update =) the other half in maroon/silver is still in editing process haha w'pon setelah lebih 3 bulan 8D hopefully I can upload them by next week...lookout for more update from time to time...

New thing uols wanna look forward to is soon we're gonna organize kelas gubahan and at the moment we're finalizing the module dan harga yuran untuk kelas gubahan hantaran which insyaallah will also be posted next week. Thank you and have a nice day (^_~)

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