Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Gubahan Hantaran 2011 - à Feuilles Persistantes [green and white theme color]

Gubahan Hantaran à Feuilles persistantes
in green and white theme color
done for Izalin's brother engagement in Sept 2011.
Congratulations and thank you very much for the order.

Gubahan Hantaran Bekas Cincin dan Sireh

Gubahan Hantaran Buah-buahan
(for info we can help buy the fruits suitable with your theme color and arrange them for you inside the bekas gubahan)

Bekas Kotak Hantaran untuk Kek

Gubahan Hantaran Kain Lace

Gubahan Hantaran Perfume

because Izalin said her brother is actually still studying in France and just came back to Malaysia for a while for the hmmm that kinda gave me reason utk guna french word for the title of this gubahan (^_~) (hopefully it's the right word for and white is an all time favorite color for many people because it looks fresh and natural =))  ...ok honestly sebenarnya dah kekeringan idea untuk gubahan title hahaha so I'll make use of anything that somehow related even for a bit lalala) and untuk other gubahan in August and September kejap ya, this one dapat publish dulu sbb ada 5 pcs je cepat sket nak pilih =), yang lain berderet-deret banyak tgh kelabu mata nak buat photo selection erkss dan jugak nak pikir tajuk pe nak letak...problem being photog tak bertauliah ni amek shoot utk satu "particle" punyalah banyak tapi sometimes sumenya gegar huhu so kena photoshop sket (owh ok a lot of editing need to be done actually which takes me forever) on gambo2x tu sume o.O haha tengok photog utk magazine kan 2-3 shots jek diorg amek pastu sumenya ok =) arituh for step by step instruction w'pon my finger cedera but in their photo it doesn't show mmg terer ah hehe, hopefully the last photoshoot w'pon background dinding simen jek sbb tak jumpa kat mana kain bulu2x putih tu menyuruk (the background that I usually use for my own photoshoot) the pictures will still come out nice =) kena look out for it in Majalah Pengantin edisi Dec 2011 nanti k

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