Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Gubahan Hantaran 2011 - Sireh Junjung Deep Red

Gubahan Hantaran Sireh Junjung Deep Red
which is part of 7 pcs gubahan hantaran
in maroon and white theme color
done for Diba's engagement

Congratulations and thank you very much for the order. Diba is lucky coz I need to go back to my hometown that week for my kazen's engagement =) so dptlah tolong buatkan the hantaran for her too without additional delivery charge (^_~) new experience for me sebab pihak lelaki dari Penang so ada satu barang hantaran from Diba yang lebih manis dari chocolate dan cake...and it's not just literally "sweet" but memang lemak manis, berkrim lagi...apakah hantaran itu uols will have to find it out for yourself once I upload the rest of the picture ya...stay tune 8D...and below is snippet of gubahan hantaran done one week before fasting month (ok I know lambat gila update sampai skrg dah abes raya dah pon kan =) for my cousin dan 3 other set of gubahan hantaran yang tak sempat ambil individual picture sebab tak kecukupan masa terasa that weekend my lifespan dah shorten by half gulp o.O

7 pcs Red-White fresh flower for Norreha, 7 pcs Peach artificial flower for Farah, 5 pcs Pink-Purple fresh flower for Amir...guys kalo ada amik gambar cantik2x tu kindly send me a copy k =) I will definitely upload them here. Tqvm

9 pcs Red-White fresh flower for my cousin, Lina ... congratulations on your engagement =) and sorry buat orang2x kat kampung rasa panik (x larat nak drive malam coz the night before tak tido...) pukul 12.30 tghari baru sampai kampung untuk buatkan the hantaran (majlis pttnya kol 4 pm, I complete everything by 3 pm expert jek boleh buat macam ni amatur jangan cuba2x nanti boleh sakit jantung...hehe but by 5 pm that I leave sebab ada appointment with Diba kat BP Mall rombongan pihak lelaki belom sampai lagi 8D (ok I think sbb janjinya  lepas asar which is a bit too "open end") and for some reason I just wanna share info regarding "Duit Tanda Bertunang"which is sort of kinda must in Johor.  Duit Tanda Bertunang in value is equal to 10% from the agreed Duit Hantaran amount discussed during the merisik phase, so for example if the agreed hantaran value is RM 11,000.00, for this case duit tanda will be equal to RM 110.00 and eventhough not compulsory but it's best to give new banknote and nicer if your fold it into flower or something (somehow old bank note kinda lost it's "value" a bit hahaha the effort counts tau pegi berusaha carik duit baru tu kat bank ke mana2xlah...mcm jugak duit raya budak2x pon akan mengata kalo bagi duit "buruk"). Later during wedding you still need to give in full amount of RM 11, 000 (and not just 90% of it eventhough dah bagi 10% masa bertunang, duit tanda is not an offset to the actual amount ya =)

And just for info sbb masih ramai yang confuse about my location now, actually I'm home base in Seksyen U8, Taman Bukit Jelutong, Shah Alam, order for Johor can be entertain by request if takde clash with the job here. Address in Empire Shopping Gallery in my business card is for correspondence also because of the explosion cannot meet over coffee or anything there =( for meetup we can arrange it at my house or other public place i.e. Subang Parade, Ikea, The Curve etc (not Mid Valley please sbb parking is a pain...haha I stay in Shah Alam but Shah Alam shopping complex not favorable sgt jugak coz in my opinion agak sunyilah tempat shopping here XD yang paling tak berkenan kena lalu banyak roundabout untuk sampai ke sana = kalo Giant Stadium Shah Alam boleh gaklah sebab dekat je dgn rumah =)

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