Monday, October 10, 2011

Gubahan Hantaran 2011 - Tale of Two Cities [maroon and white theme color]

Gubahan Hantaran Tale of Two Cities
in Maroon and White theme color
done for Diba's engagement in July 2011 

Because the hantaran is going all the way from Johor to Penang, Diba requested for us to arrange the hantaran inside bekas gubahan that she can buy instead of rent, without the need to return them back to us and we suggest the butterfly wire basket (yes this item is available for sale and color theme can be customize according to your theme color, send email to us with title Butterfly Wire Basket if you wanna buy this type of bekas gubahan from us), the price will be slightly higher than renting our other rental item but with the edge that you do not need to return anything to us and can keep them as memorabilia =)

Gubahan Hantaran Chocolate

Gubahan Hantaran Sireh Junjung

Bekas Kotak Hantaran untuk Kek

Gubahan Hantaran Sejadah

sweeter than chocolate and cake =) Gubahan Hantaran Susu Lemak Manis

Gubahan Hantaran Tuala

and we also do the hand bouquet for Diba =) Thank you very much and congratulations on your eangagement. Our hand bouquet style is hand tied and we will reserve about 2 inch without ribbon at the bottom so that you can put the bouquet in water to maintain its freshness. It's best to put inside ice cold water, or simply just put them inside the refrigerator (^_~)

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I N D A H said...

salam. boleh tak emelkan quotation harga untuk sirih junjung, bekas kotak utk kek & hantaran utk setiap dulang. barang2 mcm dulang & lapik dulang saya sediakan. emel saya TQ

Lily Norliza said...

Salam Indah, saya dah emailkan my feedback. Just check ur inbox for the details k, if takde dlm inbox you may need to also check ur spam inbox. TQ.

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