Thursday, February 9, 2012

Gubahan Hantaran Sireh Junjung Volume 1 - Belajar cara buat gubahan Sireh Junjung

DVD Gubahan Sireh Junjung Volume 1

Price [Malaysia]: RM 20 inclusive of postal charge, RM 15 if self collect from our location in Seksyen U8, Shah Alam or meetup place @ Space U8 or Giant Stadium Shah Alam
Price [Singapore]: USD 20 inclusive of international postal charge, payment accepted through Paypal only
* For other location please kindly send your inquiry with your country and area/postcode. Thank you.

There will be 3 video inside the DVD: CS001, CS002 and CS003 as in below picture.
Video CS001 - Gubahan Sireh Junjung Fresh Flower
[ Approx. 12 mins ]

Video CS002 - Gubahan Sireh Junjung Artificial
(the same step can be done with fresh betel leaves and fresh flower as well)
[ Approx. 10 mins ]

Video CS003 - Gubahan Sireh Junjung Topiary
[ Approx. 10 mins ]

DVD Main Menu

You will also get 3 Bonus Video Aid on how to roll and tie the daun sireh.

Snapshots and Preview of DVD content

Buy both Volume 1 & Volume 2 with free postage (within Semenanjung Malaysia] only @ RM 30
[Volume 1: 3 Sireh Junjung design]

[Volume 2: 1 Gubahan Bunga Duit bentuk Rose + 1 Gubahan Telekung + 1 Gubahan Balang]

Any Enquiry Send to
or drop ur Comment inside Our FanPage
or simply drop your comment under this post with your email address included. Thank You!!!


Lynnda said...

Sy suke hasil kerja tangan tepak sireh ni.. Sebab tu sy folo blog ni ;p.. Folo blog sy jugak


ieyda zack said... nk beli n collect sendiri dvd ni. Mcm mn nk contact - ieyda

Lily Norliza said...

Salam Ieyda, awak boleh call atau sms me 016-711 8326 and set the time to meetup. Boleh collect di rumah saya Delima Apt, Jln Arca U8/80, Tmn Bukit Jelutong, Seksyen U8, Shah Alam atau boleh meetup di Giant Stadium Shah Alam. This coming sunday saya free if awak nak set appointment to collect the dvd. TQ.

Lily Norliza said...

Lynda, tq for your comment. U have nice informative blog hihi tgk tajuk igt pasal masak2 dh malas nak follow ahaha sbb cooking is not something i'm interested in ah XD tapi rupanya ada byk info, just read ur post about madu, i've recently start minum jugak hmmm no wonder jerawat mcm dah kurang sket =) kena diligently minum selalulah kalo mcm ni (^_^)

sayang said...

As-salam....sis saya mmg tertarik dgn gubahan sireh dan semua hantaran..mcm mane saya nk oder cd tu ye sbb saya tgl di jengka pahang.. :-))

Lily Norliza said...

Waalaikumussalam Sayang =) ok boleh takde masalah if nak order cd tu w'pon tinggal di Jengka Pahang. Payment boleh bank in ke Maybank Acc: 551100103536 (Great Ideas) and inform me immediately [010 - 221 7598] once payment have been made. Smskan sekali ur full name dan mailing details untuk penghantaran. TQ.

Lily Norliza said...

btw sayang, the payment is RM 20 sudah termasuk caj penghantaran. TQ.

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