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Gubahan Bantal Hantaran

n Our exclusive bantal hantaran @ polyfoam pillow gained a lot of interest lately ever since it was featured in Majalah Pesona Pengantin Edisi Mei 2012, and also especially because our detailing is a level up from what you can normally find in the mass market. And good news for all, now the bantal hantaran is available for sale either on it's own or complete with flower arrangement (before this it's compulsory to order complete with artificial or fresh flower arrangement, but because of the overwhelming inquiry we're please to only sell the pillow as requested with complimentary free video guidance for you to diy your own hantaran). The pillow is made to order, which means we tailor made the pillow just for you according to your theme color.

Above snippet is picture of our hantaran inside Majalah Pesona Pengantin Edisi Mei 2012 and if you guys did not manage to get a copy of the magazine because it's already sold out (ya dah tak nampak pon kat most magazine shop that I went to yesterday 1st May, sbb it's already out for sale starting mid Apr 2012 =)...below is my own close shots of the gubahan (hmmm I don't have lampu ada payung yang guna untuk setting amik gambar tu ahaha so my below picture ni after massive editing wokey tak berapa stabil ada terang ada gelap >.< sbb ptg masa amik gambar tu hujan...hari x berapa cerah XD)  This gubahan in turquoise and cream is done for Amir's wedding in February 2012, congratulations and really sorry I misplace the paper where he wrote the bride's name...thus I was not able to write it here or inform the magazine rep to write it in the print >.< a total of 7 dulang hantaran fresh flower using blue rose (haha florist kalo tgk my face mesti suspen takut kena buat bunga biru lagi...hehe next week ada bridal bouquet kaler biru @ tiffany blue...hopefully the flower will absorb the blue dye in the right amount and it's color will turn out nicely like this one too), eustoma, million stars, white peacock and tea leaves. For updated compilation of gubahan using this bantal hantaran, you can also view our facebook album HERE
Pillow Cover Fabric Type: Linen
Gubahan Hantaran Bekas Cincin

Gubahan Hantaran Perfume

Gubahan Hantaran SKII

Gubahan Hantaran Chocolate

Gubahan Hantaran Handbag & Jam

Gubahan Hantaran Kasut

Gubahan Hantaran Sireh Junjung

We scoured everywhere for the best upholstery material to fit the theme color that you choose. For the pillow cover, our priority is to use Thai Silk, however not all color especially subtle colors like beige and lavender is available under this type of fabric, so at times we will use other material too, like linen (above sample in turquoise) velvet and corduroy (sample as below)...but rest assured for our exclusive bantal hantaran we never use satin because they're too paper-thin and thus not a good cover for the "pillow" not to mention it looks cheap dan biasa2 je that any tom, dick or harry will use ...

Pillow Cover Fabric Type: Thai Silk

Pillow Cover Fabric Type: Thai Silk

Pillow Cover Fabric Type: Velvety

Pillow Cover Fabric Type: Linen

Pillow Cover Fabric Type: Corduroy

Pillow Cover Fabric Type: Jacquard

Mid Year 2012 Promo: For every order of set bantal hantaran you will get free access to a video with complete step by step instruction to guide you if you plan to diy your own hantaran and be proud of it on your big day ^^ 

Pillow Price [1]: RM 30 per pc (dangling stones at 4 corner), 
Pillow Price [2]: RM 50 per pc (dangling stones at 4 corner +8 dangling stones in between the 4 corner)
Gubahan Artificial Flower: from RM 70
Gubahan Fresh Flower: from RM 90
Minimum Order: 5 pcs

And if you don't want to mess your house (like I always do >.<) while doing the flower arrangement, we are more than happy to help arrange the flowers for you too =)

There's only 9 hantaran at the back of this sireh junjung...and as you can see my working space is definitely in one big mess (haha it's already messy before I began my work dah  pon sebenarnya o.O)

Video DIY Gubahan Fresh Flower FREE with every purchase of set bantal hantaran w/o deco

In video below got snippet of the latest gubahan using bantal hantaran in purple and yellow theme color, done for solemnization of Miza & Khasra on 27th April 2012. Congratulations and Selamat Pengantin Baru! Really glad to know you two love the hantaran very much (^_^) (ahaha and the cameraman might love it too sbb ada byk preview of it =) in the video) hantaran arrive at 1:20

We have another photoshoot with Majalah Pengantin for 5 dulang berbalas 7 using bantal hantaran as well, in purple/white and red/white respectively done for Anita & Azriff (solemnization 4th Apr 2012, thank you very much and Selamat Pengantin Baru!), these 2 set will soon be featured in Majalah Pesona Pengantin Edisi Julai 2012. I don't have my own individual shots on this 2 set because I'm too tired tired already dah ting tong sket kepala sbb tak tido the entire you guys will need to get a copy of the magazine to view these k, I think it will start selling in mid June 2012

Now if you place gubahan hantaran order for both side (bride and groom) from us insyaallah I will try my best to set appointment with the team from Majalah Pesona Pengantin for them to come and shoot your hantaran which later will be featured inside their magazine if only one side akak tak janjilah sbb mcm tak berbaloi menyusahkan diorg utk dtg...unless ada 2 set on the same day from different customer itu mungkin boleh diusahakan and for your name to be included in the print, don't forget to tell me the name of your other half k haha because of my anti social skill sometimes I don't ask for peoples's name =)

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