Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Our Gubahan Hantaran, Tepak Sireh and Sireh Junjung inside Majalah Pesona Pengantin & Inspirasi Perkahwinan Edisi Disember 2012

Gubahan hantaran by inside majalah Pesona Pengantin Edisi Disember 2012: page 124, 125, 126 and 130, get your own copy for a clearer view of the gubahan...and yes we do have a lot more type of bekas gubahan other than just bantal hantaran =) only those who make time to meet us in person get to know about this info ^^

Gubahan hantaran sireh junjung also by inside majalah Inspirasi Perkahwinan Edisi Disember 2012: page 156 and 157, and yes we do accept single order for sireh junjung only too without the full set of your other barang hantaran.

OK I want to reiterate a bit on the tips. 
- Daun sireh akan lebih cepat layu setelah dikeluarkan dari peti sejuk berbanding jika anda membiarkannya diluar tanpa menyimpannya langsung di dalam peti sejuk. Renjiskan air 3 hingga 4 jam sekali kepada sireh junjung yang disimpan pada suhu bilik is enough to keep your sireh junjung fresh for at least 2 days (air conditioned room is ok but not to the point of icy cold ah ya =). And as for the flower since you can't refrigerate them make sure your oasis is damped enough for it to stays fresh (haha if my case memang sangat basahlah span basah tu...sbb rendam sampai tahap x ingat lalala)
- Height: The bride should reciprocate using a lower design as compared to what is given by the groom (or at least at par is also acceptable)

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