Thursday, February 9, 2012

Gubahan Hantaran Sireh Junjung Volume 1 - Belajar cara buat gubahan Sireh Junjung

DVD Gubahan Sireh Junjung Volume 1

Price [Malaysia]: RM 20 inclusive of postal charge, RM 15 if self collect from our location in Seksyen U8, Shah Alam or meetup place @ Space U8 or Giant Stadium Shah Alam
Price [Singapore]: USD 20 inclusive of international postal charge, payment accepted through Paypal only
* For other location please kindly send your inquiry with your country and area/postcode. Thank you.

There will be 3 video inside the DVD: CS001, CS002 and CS003 as in below picture.
Video CS001 - Gubahan Sireh Junjung Fresh Flower
[ Approx. 12 mins ]

Video CS002 - Gubahan Sireh Junjung Artificial
(the same step can be done with fresh betel leaves and fresh flower as well)
[ Approx. 10 mins ]

Video CS003 - Gubahan Sireh Junjung Topiary
[ Approx. 10 mins ]

DVD Main Menu

You will also get 3 Bonus Video Aid on how to roll and tie the daun sireh.

Snapshots and Preview of DVD content

Buy both Volume 1 & Volume 2 with free postage (within Semenanjung Malaysia] only @ RM 30
[Volume 1: 3 Sireh Junjung design]

[Volume 2: 1 Gubahan Bunga Duit bentuk Rose + 1 Gubahan Telekung + 1 Gubahan Balang]

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