Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Personalized Chocolate Bar - Now available in 5 different size

Personalized Chocolate Bar now available in 5 different size to meet your requirement
[you can view updated collection of our Personalized Edible Doorgift in our facebook album HERE]

From Bottom: Petite, Slim, Just Nice (OUR BEST SELLER), Large and Extra Large

And more than meets the eye, personalization is done not only at the front, but at both side. Look carefully, it's not your typical nutrition facts at the backside, it's a whimsical nutrition facts or words of wisdom that can be personalized to any occasion.

Whimsical message for one lovely couple. Usually our customer did not even request for this, but we can't just help it...being our nature we always deliver more than expected (because we're a freakin perfectionist)

For a touch of elegance, we can also incorporate gold or silver hot stamping on the chocolate wrapper like the monogram in sample below

And the whimsical message for the two lovely couple

The personalized chocolate bar is not only limited for wedding and engagement only. We can do custom  design for any occasion be it Birthday, Corporate Event, etc

Below is whimsical message for a teenage girl birthday celebration...notice the hangul @ korean characters =) kids nowadays are so into the K-pop thingy rite (hmmm I'm old but I'm into it too hahaha...a way to keep myself feel young I guess...) so we "inject" a little korean feeling into this design so her friends will become more envious (and hopefully later will ask their parents to place their birthday orders from us too ^^)

Minimum order is 50 pcs and if you plan to order in bulk, we do offer volume discount for you. For every order you will get 3 to 5 free mockup design which is subject to total order quantity and the available lead time (minimum 1 month, but if you want to review design etc, make sure you confirm your order at least 3 months in advance, artwork redesign will require a minimum 5 working days).

The price for personalized chocolate bar is as follows:

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Monday, April 16, 2012

Gubahan Hantaran Fresh Flower - Cinderella Carriage [Red & White | Deep Purple & Subtle Pink | Grey & Yellow | Turquoise, Baby Blue & Pink]

Gubahan Hantaran fresh flower in Red and White theme color
using one of our rental item, the Cinderella Carriage

Gubahan Hantaran Sejadah

Gubahan Hantaran Chocolate

Bekas Gubahan Hantaran untuk Cake

Gubahan Hantaran Baju Kemeja & Seluar

Gubahan Hantaran Perfume

Gubahan Hantaran Wallet

Gubahan Hantaran Sireh Junjung

Gubahan hantaran above is part of hantaran done for Noorhidayah...erkss last year =) sorry take such a long time to upload...and below is some picture of 3 other gubahan hantaran using Cinderella Carriage too which I did not manage to capture with a proper background, but still you can at least view for color inspiration rite...usually if delivery is required or customer collect in the morning yang menyebabkan tak sempat capture gambar if uols want your hantaran picture to be well featured with a "studio like" background inside our blog, self collect your gubahan hantaran from my place after 4 pm k =)

 Deep Purple and Subtle Pink
>> using two tone purple carnation spray, deep purple carnation, pink carnation, champagne rose, million stars, tea leaves and white peacock

the cover color on the carriage base can be tailored to your theme color, e.g. purple for picture in sample above, and grey for sample picture below

 Yellow and Grey
>> using yellow carnation, yellow rose, white chrysanthemum, yellow peacock, tea leaves and white peacock

eventhough the whole concept was suppose to be using Cinderella Carriage but usually for gubahan sireh junjung I will dismantle the dome on the top and only use the carriage on the bottom so that the sireh junjung won't look confined @terkurung within the round dome

 Turquoise, Baby Blue and Pink
>> using hydrangea, pink rose, million stars, white peacock and tea leaves

It has been quite some time since this blog is updated with gubahan hantaran picture kan >.< sorrylah first quarter of this year most of the time I'm busy or was down with bad cough and flu (it's four months only in the year 2012 and half of these time I have some situation with my health...2 minggu kije...2 minggu demam...kije lagi...demam lagi...and doc kalo tgk my face dah panik tak tau nak bagi ubat apa ahaha ubat biasa2 tak jalan...ubat power plak my side effect pelik2 daripada org lain...ahaha doc paling takut if it's actually asma attack lalala because I can only respond to prednisone and/or terbutaline which might cause side effect in the long run and not really recommended due to my medical history...tapi masalahnya ubat lain tak jalan ahaha and even worst some will cause my heart feels like it's gonna explode...dugeun dugeun...)

This year our bantal hantaran @ polyfoam pillow receive a lot interest, however before this they were exclusively made to order according to theme color only for customer who opt for complete gubahan order (siap gubah dengan bunga dan arrange barang hantaran sekali), and good news for all since my health is not in it's excellent state and thus cannot accept too many gubahan fresh flower order at a time now I'm opening order for those you want to purchase only the pillow and then diy your own gubahan masterpiece. More good news eventhough we are not renting out that pillow, we are selling them at rental price. Further details on this "bantal hantaran" will be updated in the next post most probably at the end of this month once I finished editing video diy gubahan hantaran that will be given as a complimentary. And sebarang tempahan it is advisable to call me up directly dan terus set time for appointment to discuss further on your requirement k and prior to the meeting if you have a budget that you want me to adhere, calculate them first before the meeting k (hehe if uols tak kisah about budget yang penting mesti cantik or you can at least meet our min from...RM price akak memang lagi sukalah ahahaha my ideas will flow dengan lebih lancar lagi tanpa sebarang kekangan lalala.....this is a cruel fact but quality does come with a price =) 

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