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Bantal Hantaran Available for Purchase by Postal Service

Good news for people outside Selangor/KL area who is not able to come and self collect your order from us in Shah Alam, we can courier the item to you (without flower). For postage within Semenanjung Malaysia, postal charge via Poslaju is RM 40 for up to 7 pcs of bantal hantaran. For postage to Singapore, postal charge via DHL or UPS is RM 210 for up to 7 pcs of bantal hantaran (also available via Poslaju @ RM 160 but there's risk for delay for international delivery. As for other quantity please kindly send us your inquiry and we'll revert with the postal charge)...volumetric calculation applies because the bantal is light weight but large in size.

Metal in White Color

If you want to save on the delivery charge and only want to order the deco item, i.e. the "kerawang" metal at the corner together with dangling stone, we do sell them in bits and pieces too. Price is RM 5 per pc, postal charge will then base on weight, because this item is small in size but quite heavy since it comprise of well...metal and stone ^^  (no worries it's not that expensive, usually only cost RM 10 for postage of up to 50 pcs)
Metal Deco also available in Gold Color

Common color ordered by our customer is white, because it's easy to fit in with any theme color. Color of bantal hantaran are not only limited to what u've seen in this blog or in the facebook album, possibility are endless and we can cater to any theme color. All the picture posted are customer's order and we do not keep any ready stock as the "pillow' were all custom made to order, so please kindly allow for a minimum 5 working days for us to complete your order. Please note that if your wedding or engagement is during hari raya it is highly advisable to place your order now...because my raya and ramadhan holiday break is quite sesuka hati panjang ^^  Price of bantal hantaran (complete with deco, i.e. metal deco with dangling crystal beads at 4 corner + border deco) is RM 30 per pc and the minimum purchase for bantal hantaran is 5 pcs with no maximum order =) the sky is the limit, but need to discuss on the lead time first k...because behind all these it's only one iron deficient lady preparing everything (from purchasing of fabric, wrapping the polyfoam pillow and fixing the accessory all is done by one person...) and for those who don't know yet photo capture, editing, uploading, blog update, buat gubahan, buat chocolate, buat cookies pon semuanya actually one man show gak huhu...haha that's why this blog is not updated that frequently (macamlah sebelum ni selalu update kan kekeke cuma sekarang lagi kronik sebab nak amik gambo pon tak larat haha that's why jarang publish ongoing order...sbb gambo bukti kije pon x amik o.O...) This month you can find picture of our gubahan hantaran inside Majalah Pesona Pengantin Edisi Julai 2012, done for Anita & Azriff.
Page 135

Page 136

Above is my only own close up snapshot of the same hantaran...huhu eventhough the same thing it sure looks different in the magazine mine after massive editing pon masih kelabu lalala...that's why I prefer to use black background instead coz almaklumlah I use compact camera so editing is a must and with black background it's easier to edit ^^...if I have the time to laid out the backgroundlah =) the following is hantaran done for Mieza & Khasra...sempatkan jugak amik sbb ni selected color template =) in Purple & Yellow

Gubahan Hantaran untuk Bekas Jam

Gubahan Hantaran Camera

Gubahan Hantaran Telekung & Quran

Gubahan Hantaran 2 Bekas Cincin & Frame Duit Mas Kahwin

Gubahan Hantaran Bekas Kek

Bantal Hantaran in purple color using Thai Silk

Another selected color template done for Ayu =) in Pink & Grey

Bantal Hantaran in grey color using Thai Silk

Gubahan Hantaran Buah-buahan

Gubahan Hantaran Buku

Gubahan Hantaran Kasut

Gubahan Hantaran Baju Kemeja

Gubahan Hantaran Perfume

Gubahan Hantaran Sireh Junjung

Gubahan Hantaran Belt & Wallet

...hantaran do stands out more with a black background but sometime could not find where I keep the black cloth =( so just make do with white...or just snap whatever o.O next pic paling kronik pakai handphone je dengan background rumah yang huru hara...huhu conteng2 tu adalah cubaan utk mencover kesepahan uhuks ^^) ni memang tak cukup masa sbb bila lagi banyak jenis bunga lagi banyak masa yang diperlukan utk siapkan many things to do but yet so little time o.O

Eventhough all hantaran picture above is using fresh flower deco, the bantal hantaran of course can definitely be use for artificial or foam flower as well.

Deco using artificial flower

Deco using foam flower

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