Thursday, July 25, 2013

Balang Kuih Raya 2013 | Kit DIY (Buat Sendiri Balang Kuih Raya)

For 2014 design view HERE

Balang Kuih Raya 2013 comes in 4 design, with 10 fabric pattern to choose from. 

Design 1, 2, 3 or 4. 

 So, you can choose to order for example Design 4 using fabric B 

Fabric pattern:
A - Plaid/Scottish Tartan, 
B - Pink English Rose, 
C - Coral English Rose, 
D - Checkered Pink, 
E - Checkered Orange, 
F - Mini Rose,
G - Checkered Green, 
H - Polka Dot Baby Blue, 
I - Polka Dot Sweet Pink, 
J - Polka Dot Sweet Lavender

Sample set of 4 pcs with mirror base [e.g. Design 4 using Fabric J]

Sample set of 6 pcs with wooden tray [e.g. Design 1 using Fabric F]

Sample of DIY kit  [e.g. Design 1 using Fabric B]


BK1204 - only 1 set available (not inclusive tray) SOLD

BK1209 - only 1 set available (not inclusive tray) SOLD

These 2 sets were display set done for live demo on WHI last year

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