Sunday, March 16, 2014

Gubahan Hantaran & Edible Doorgifts Promo 2014

This year we have another round of offer for edible doorgifts and gubahan hantaran package, with some new item at intro price begins from as low as RM 1 per item. Listed doorgifts are suitable for any event e.g. wedding, engagement, birthday, aqiqah, etc.  

SUMMARY OF 10 PROMO ITEM: 1) Muffin, 2) Cupcake, 3) Personalized Chocolate Bar, 4) Combo Personalized Chocolate Bar + matching Personalized Gift Bag, 5) Bunga Telur Tissue Paper Fluffy Carnation, 6) Steamed Cake in Individual Container (kek kukus dalam bekas), 7) Sugar Cookies with Monogram, 8) Combo Sugar Cookies with Monogram + Acrylic box, 9) Package Gubahan Artificial Flower, 10) Package Gubahan Fresh Flower 

1. Muffin
*Vanila, Chocolate, Chocolate Chip, Blueberry or Raisin
**for individual packaging +0.30 sen per pc for basic packaging, or +0.80 sen per pc for gift box
Minimum order 50 pcs

Muffin in giftbox or basic packaging in transparent plastic wrapper

2. Cupcake with 2D or 3D Rose Buttercream deco, cake flavor choice of either red velvet, vanila, lemon or chocolate **FREE Basic Packaging with dome cover, or +RM 2 per pc for exclusive gift box with FREE Ribbon and Personalized Label.
Minimum order 50 pcs

FREE Basic Packaging with dome cover

Exclusive Gift Box with FREE Ribbon and Personalized Label

Cupcake Bouquet combination of 2D Rose in one and two tone color, also with hydrangea. Bouquet arrangement is suitable as birthday gifts, hantaran item, mother's day gift, etc.

Cupcake with 3D Rose Buttercream Deco

3. Personalized Chocolate Bar
*Willowy size: 11.5 x 3.5 cm
Minimum Order 50 pcs

*Back: Size Just Nice 12.5x6 cm, Front: Size Willowy 11.5x3.5 cm

4. Combo Package
Personalized Chocolate Bar *Just Nize size: 12.5 x 6 cm) + Personalized Gift Bag 
Minimum order 50 pcs

5. Bunga Telur Tissue Paper Fluffy Carnation
**Min order 50 pcs

6. Steamed Cake in Individual Container (kek kukus dalam bekas)
* choice of Red Velvet, Melty Lemon Cheese or Moist Chocolate Cake
Minimum order 50 pcs

7. Sugar Cookies with Monogram
Minimum order 60 pcs

8. Combo Package Sugar Cookies with Monogram + Arcrylic Gift Box + FREE Ribbon + FREE Personalized Label
Minimum order 60 pcs

9. Gubahan Hantaran Artificial Flower Minimalis 

10. Gubahan Hantaran Fresh Flower Minimalis

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